Jl. Kelapa Hibrida  Blok GI, No. 3 Jakarta 14240, Indonesia

PT. CENTRAL AIRKON ENERGI (CAE) is a company initiatively established on motivation of developing Effective HVAC System. Meaning that the proposed activities will be about optimizing the system whether started by Energy Audit of System on the performance, on redesigning especially on active re-design and on retrofitting.

Having effective and efficient HVAC System is very important and crucial as this system has being used at almost commercial building all the time such as hospital, hotel, mall or plaza, school and office tower including being used on residential as well although by the dilemma as the highest energy consumption compared to other utilities applied at commercial buildings (about 45-65% energy consumed by HVAC System) while simplify the operation.  

Other issues can be supported is regarding to environmental issue such as related to environmental friendly on refrigerant usage and related to reduce carbon emission while developing spirit of net zero building energy.

Based on more than 20 year experience on sales & services of HVAC System equipped with mastering on engineering knowledge of Energy Conservation applied to HVAC System and having some professional  certification such as a Public Engineer (Surat Tanda Registrasi Insinyur or STRI-IPM) of The Institute of Engineers Indonesia in term of work permit as an engineer on supervising the projects at site, having LPJK Certification of Expertise (SKA) and as a Professional Green-ship (GP) in term of  supporting to green building projects especially on related to energy saving for operating cost reduction on HVAC System and on reduction of CO2 emission spirits behind.

The major activities of company are more on advising and to be partners on developing Effective HVAC System such as on optimizing the system design whether as new system or on existing operating system regarding to operating cost reduction of energy consumption and indoor air quality issues while considering on environmental consideration spirits. Refrigeration System is another minor activities.

As continuing on engineering activities of HVAC System, many jobsites have been visited and evaluated/observed/serviced such as Malls or Plaza, Hotels, Office Building, Hospitals, Schools and some Factories as on their basic reasons respectively. However most of the average issues were about the intense of having simple-smooth daily operation, and cost operation; retrofit including re-commissioning and replacement are the most frequent activities.


Giving comprehensive solution of customers’ problems on HVAC System professionally on Engineering such as on developing design optimization considering on developing effective-efficient operation with green energy and environmental friendly spirits behind besides on activities related to education around HVAC & Refrigerating System.   


Offering any possibilities of comprehensive solution of HVAC system on engineering advice in term of value engineering, design optimization related to energy consumption and indoor air quality issues on retrofitting/re-commissioning and on advising good operation-maintenance and on offering of training for professional certification.